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Van Driver Training

The common perception of fleet drivers be it 'white van man' or a sales executive, is that they are aggressive and often rude whilst on the road. These people represent your company. You would not employ someone aggressive and rude to answer your phone!

Do you have van drivers who work for you?

It is not uncommon for van drivers to have accidents whilst reversing, negotiating parked vehicles, and whilst changing lanes or overtaking. Many van drivers are unaware that different speed limits apply to them.

In 2003 there were 28,864 accidents involving vans and trucks in Great Britain. This resulted in 9,958 van and truck drivers and passengers being injured of which 1,194 were killed or seriously injured.

How many of your drivers have had additional driver training since passing there driving test? How many of those have had training in a Van?

If a van driver employed by your organisation was involved in an accident, could you say that you had done everything to ensure that the driver had received necessary training? Not sure? then contact us at Tony Shaw Driving School we can assess your fleet drivers and make recommendations of additional training. We also offer training and support service, whether for car, van, PSV or HGV vehicles.

Additional Benefit

It is quite common for your van drivers to adopt what they have learned when out driving in their cars too. This in itself can lead to reduced accidents and less time off work.

Fleet Driver training Benefits can result in:

  • Reduction in Fleet Insurance Costs (check with your insurance company)
  • Work days saved as a result of fewer accidents.
  • Less downtime due to vehicles being off the road for repair
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved wear and tear on vehicles
  • Improved staff morale


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