More than 600 people are killed or seriously injured in road crashes involving vehicle defects every year. (Source: DfT)

To ensure that your vehicle is always safe, you can’t rely on your annual MOT. It is essential that you carry out some simple regular checks yourself. It is a driver’s legal responsibility to ensure that the vehicle being driven is of a roadworthy condition. Vehicles driven with defects can be issued with an immediate PG9 (Prohibition Notice), which means that the vehicle cannot be driven. The fine for defective tyres is 3 penalty points and up to a £1,000 fine.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Here are the basic checks which you need to make on a regular basis:


Pressure / Tread / Condition

Cleanliness, Condition, Corrosion, Illumination (Main and Dipped Parking) Reversing, Brake, Fog

Wiper Blades
Cuts, Tears, Operation

Clean & Functional

Any Loose Fittings
Bumper, Number Plate, Roof Rack and Towing Fixtures

Scratches, Cracks, Clean

Under the Bonnet

Fluid Leaks
Power Steering, Brake and Oil

Fluid Levels
Oil, Water, Screen Washers, Brakes and Power Steering

Inside the Vehicle

  • All loose items secured, and heavy items located safely
  • Condition, security and adjustment of seatbelts
  • Adjustments to all mirrors Location and function of the parking brake
  • Operation of all additional safety features (ABS, ESP, etc.)
  • The location of security alarms and/or steering lock
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