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Tony Shaw is an experienced driving instructor who started teaching in 2006 providing excellent training for all levels of driver. The structured approach to lessons will lead you through the syllabus in as few lessons as necessary to create a safe driver for life. The high pass record is testament to the skill of the instructor.

You can now get in some extra practice, Tony Shaw can arrange for a mock test to be carried out by a ex Dsa driving examineer.

Tony Shaw is based in Newent and covers Gloucester, Ross-on-Wye, Ledbury and Tewkesbury areas.

Update for 2016 - Tony has recently had a DVSA standards check where he received Grade A - the highest grade available

Fleet Assessment & Training

Check list for fleet car compliance - Tony Shaw Driving School, Gloucester

Occupational Driver Assessments. We offer fleet driver training, on and off the road, specifically tailored to suit your company's needs.


Learning To Drive

Learning to drive can be a daunting task but Tony Shaw will guide you through the syllabus in a cool and calm manner enabling you to take the theory and practical tests with full confidence.

Pass your test with Tony Shaw Driving School - Newent, Gloucestershire

Pass Plus

Taking the Pass Plus course will provide you with extra confidence and experience on today's crowded roads, as well as reducing your insurance costs!

B+E (Car & Trailer) Driver Training

Towing caravan, horseboxes or trailers for business or pleasure

Towing tuition in Newent, Gloucester and Ross on Wye

Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety & maintenance with Tony Shaw Driving

To ensure that your vehicle is always safe, you can't rely on your annual MOT. It is essential that you carry out some simple regular checks yourself

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Driving Tuition

Tony Shaw covers driving tuition in the following areas:

  • Driving lessons in Newent
  • Driving lessons in Gloucester
  • Driving lessons in Ross-on-Wye
  • Driving lessons in Tewkesbury
  • Driving lessons in Ledbury

Fleet TrainingFleet Training in Newent & Gloucester

We offer corporate driver training specifically tailored to suit your company's needs. We provide a high quality training and assessment service for companies throughout the UK.

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Van / HGV Driver Training Trailor Towing Training in Newent & Gloucester

How many of your drivers have had additional driver training since passing there driving test? How many of those have had training in a Van?

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Caravan FamiliarisationTrailor Towing Training in Newent & Gloucester

Increase your confidence and your skills when out on the road with a caravan. Great for beginners or more experienced drivers.

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Trailer Familiarisation Trailor Towing Training in Newent & Gloucester

Great for drivers who passed their test before jan 1997, who can legally tow trailers, but may need a some help to build confidence and skills

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Don't drink and drive!
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