Trailer Familiarisation in Gloucestershire & Herefordshire.

Trailer towing tution by Tony Shaw Driving

At Tony Shaw Driving we want you to be safe, comfortable & confident when out on the road with trailers. Our Trailer Familiarisation training might be an option for you.
As an alternative to our trailer towing tuition, if you passed your test before 1st Jan 1997 you are automatically able to tow trailers without the need to sit any further tests? But if you’ve never done this and are unsure where to begin, then don’t worry we can help.

Our trailer familiarisation training is designed to help those who need to improve their skills or gain confidence when driving with trailers without the need to sit a further test to add categories B + E to their licence. So whether you are first-timer or are wanting to get more confidence with your trailer, we offer a course to help you.

The trailer familiarisation course will be tailored to your requirements and experience. 

And will usually include elements of:

  • reversing
  • loading
  • on-road driving.
Trailer towing tution by Tony Shaw Driving

Tony Shaw Driving provides trailer familiarisation and trailer towing tuition near Newent. Which is handy for clients from Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, & Monmouthshire.


For more information on any of our courses, you can contact us via the form, call Tony on 07970 150775
or email