B+E (Car & Trailer) Driver Training - Towing Regulations

Do you need to tow a trailer, caravan, horse box or boat trailer? For work or pleasure then you need to be aware of the following regulations:

Since 1st January 1997 a new test was introduced by the licensing and testing authorities.

If you passed your driving test on or after 1 January 1997, A full car licence already lets you tow trailers weighing no more than 750kg. You can also tow heavier trailers with a car as long as the total weight of vehicle and trailer isn't more than 3,500kg. You will need to pass an additional driving test in B+E if you wish to tow a caravan or trailer combination which exceeds these weight limits.

Drivers who passed a car driving test before the 1st January 1997 should already have B+E entitlement on their licence, and therefore do not need a further test.

The B+E test consists of:

  • Safety checks on your vehicle and trailer
  • Reversing exercise
  • On-road driving
  • Coupling and uncoupling

Be Aware That

Failure to comply with the new licensing laws can lead to a maximum of 9 penalty points, a £1000 fine or even a disqualification. Your insurance company could also decline to honour any claims incurred whilst towing!

Trailer Training

Designed for all people who want to tow trailers or caravans above the B licence limit. i.e. Council and utilities personnel, caravan owners, horse-box owners, boat owners.

Our trailer/caravan towing lessons offer a practical training session to help prepare you for passing the 'additional trailer category B+E car & trailer DSA driving test'.

For more information

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Trailer Training Trailer Training in Newent, Ross on Wye and Gloucester

Trailer Training in Newent, Ross on Wye and Gloucester

B+E (Car & Trailer)Training in Newent,with Tony Shaw Driving School
Happy customer passed his B+E (Car & Trailer) with Tony Shaw Driving School


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